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Eduardo Raul Muñoz-Villafaña

Deep Seed, January 27 - February 24, 2024

Munzón Gallery is delighted to present Eduardo Raul Muñoz-Villafaña solo exhibition, Deep Seed. The exhibition opens with a reception on Saturday January 27 from 6-9pm and will remain on view through Saturday February 24th with galley hours Thursday – Saturday 12 – 4 pm. 


DEEP SEED explores the juxtaposition between historical and contemporary moments we experience while engaging with our environment. Individually and collectively, these moments are implanted and nurtured within us consciously and subconsciously. Through verbal and visual communication, we begin to shape our understanding of the world. Whether through symbolism, animism, animatism, mathematics, sacred geometry, typography, or nature, we are always processing information that causes us to reflect deeply or just for the moment. The use of ancient Mesoamerican iconographic symbolism, in combination with pixel art and sacred geometry creates a multigenerational visual language that resonates across a diverse demographic. Through deconstructing and reconstructing freeway sign posters, Eduardo recreates words sourced from interactions he has had with family members, poets, coworkers, music, or social media that we all have a shared familiarity with. There is a unique and profound relationship hidden that we all share when we interact with the world and those around us. DEEP SEED is an analogy between the distinct mundane and unseen spiritual moments that influence our reality through direct communication that will either be entertaining or cause deep reflection. 



Eduardo Raul Munoz Villafana is a first generation Mexican-American interdisciplinary artist based in the Inland Empire. His primary focus of creating is silkscreen printmaking, found collage and cement sculpture. After high school he worked in construction with his family, building concrete structures where he learned to work with cement. Eventually transitioning to academia, he pursued a career in graphic design until he transferred to Cal State University of Long Beach in 2018 where he transitioned to printmaking and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Printmaking degree in 2023. 

Selected Works 


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