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April 20 - May 18, 2024

Munzón Gallery is proud to present "Generaciones" (Generations), a group exhibition co-curated by Mister Toledo. The exhibition opens with a reception on Saturday April 20th from 6-9pm and will remain on view through May 18th with gallery hours Thursday - Saturday 12- 4pm. Additionally, there will be an extension of "Generaciones" taking place at John Wayne Airport in Orange County on view April 19 - August 23, 2024. 


"Generaciones" invites viewers to delve into the collective narrative of Latinx artists navigating their distinct paths of American upbringing, while preserving their rich heritage. Through various mediums, the exhibition explores the complexities of assimilating into new societal landscapes while zealously safeguarding ancestral customs, offering a poignant reflection on the delicate balance between adaptation and tradition.

Featured Artists: Noel Rodriguez, Marco Sánchez, Johnny Castillo, Adrian Delgado, Rick Ortega, Jhoanna Morales, Jackelin Espinosa Moyotl, Deanna Lissette Barahona, Angel Hernandez  Cruz, Alicia Rolon, Gloria Rivera Medieta 

Selected Works 


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