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Josh Vasquez

Palms Beyond Reach, August 19 - September 16, 2023

Press Release 

Josh Vasquez Palms Beyond Reach ​On View: August 19 – September 16, 2023Opening Reception: Saturday August 19, 5-8pm ​ 

Munzón Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition of works by Los Angeles-based artist Josh Vasquez titled Palms Beyond Reach, opening August 19th at 1730 East Anaheim Unit A in Long Beach from 5-8pm.  

Palms Beyond Reach is Josh Vasquez’s investigation of the American dream through various media such as drawing, painting, sculpture, site-specific work, and installation. Vasquez continues to use themes of paradise and desire through familiar Angeleno motifs like sunsets, palm trees, and iron bars. 

​“The American Dream is the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. The idea of prosperity is sold to its citizens and immigrants alike. Although not impossible to achieve the ideal home and white picket fence, this American capitalistic system is not built equally. For many, this idea is a sunset, a beach, and palms beyond reach. 

My work investigates obstructions, obstacles, barriers, and means of accessibility. The work also explores the opposite side of the same coin; safety, inclusivity, security, and the limitlessness in dreaming. I’ve chosen to create work that expresses these feelings to particular moments in my life and my immediate landscape. For example, a simple purchase at the liquor store or the moment of dusk outside the billiards spot.” 

Vasquez earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on drawing and painting from the California State University of Long Beach in 2017. He has exhibited work at Residency Gallery, The Torrance Art Museum, Tlaloc Studios, MUZEO, and Stay Gallery.

Selected Works 


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