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SA to LA

December 9, 2023 - January 6, 2024

Munzón Gallery is pleased to present SA to LA a group exhibition featuring Los Angeles and San Antonio based artists. Opening with a reception on Saturday December 9, 6-9pm.

Regardless of where in this country our families have planted roots there are clear cultural markers that our Latine communities have made. Whether it be street art, paisano cultura, cholo/a culture, street corner markets or bodegas, street vendors, the list goes on. These similarities seen in cities throughout the U.S. create a sense of a larger community for Latinx artist. Often times a viewer may come into contact with art made in a city that is not their hometown, yet the viewer is still reminded of their own neighborhood, friends, families and surroundings.

“S.A. to L.A.”, brings together a diverse group of artists that highlight the vast similarities within the Latinx art community. These similarities bring with them a feeling of home, familiarity and comfort. The artist’s bring these feelings to the surface all while highlighting their own variances in themes and art practices. This exhibition is meant to hone in on the impact our presence has made within the communities we call home. And how these impacts spread beyond each individual city, actually creating a larger network of communidad throughout the country.

Curated by: Jacqueline Valenzuela  Motherling & Munzón Gallery 

LA Artists:

Josh Vasquez 

Elizabeth Munzon 

Edgar Martinez 

Mark Anthony Hocutt 

Priscilla S. Flores 

Kiara Aileen Machado 

Eduardo Viramontes 

Jesse Jaramillo 

Robert Nehemiah 

SA Artists:

Gali Gonzalez 

Isabel Ann Castro 

Rudy Herrera 

Suzy Gonzalez 

Abraham Aguillon Orsagh 

Ashleigh Valentine 

Sealia Montalvo 

Crisa Valadez 

Kayla Mata


Selected Works 


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