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Josh Vasquez

Josh Vasquez is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work currently focuses on painting. He

is a first generation Salvadorian-American engaging in his practice in Los Angeles, where he

was born and raised.

His recent work features paintings that describe the Los Angeles landscape and the

way ideas of access and barriers present themselves. He focuses on these moments in order

to turn them into artworks that put emphasis on obstructions that can often be overlooked, such

as plexiglass in a liquor studio.

He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on drawing and painting

from the California State University of Long Beach in 2017 and is currently a Yale MFA cadidate '26. He has exhibited work at Residency Gallery, The Torrance Art Museum, Tlaloc Studios, MUZEO, Stay Gallery, and Munzón Gallery.

Selected Works 

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