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We are excited to host these free workshops with the Los Angeles Printmaking Society lead by Tava Tedesco and Wendy Murray.

Monoprinting 12-2pm: Join us for an exciting Monotype Printmaking Workshop where you'll discover the art of creating one-of-a-kind prints! Monotype printing is all about embracing creativity exploration, and innovation. In this hands-on workshop you'll learn different techniques for applying non-toxic printmaking ink onto a plastic surface. Using stencils, you'll press, resulting in your very own unique and vibrant monotype print. 

Screenprinting 2-4pm: Screen printing is just for the master printers! Work with punk screen printer Wendy Murray to create a collaborative screen printed work on paper. Murray believes screen printing is for everyone and will equip you with the skills to then go away and make your own prints on your kitchen table or in your backyard! You will learn how to curate a multi-colored screen prints using water based inks, stencils, and leave the workshop inspired to make prints!

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